Stadium Rules


Stadium Rules & Prohibited Items

Permission to enter or remain within the stadium during any event is determined by the following rules and regulations:
By purchasing a valid ticket, you are thereby consenting to the rules and regulations outlined by the Government of West Bengal in the Department of Youth Services & Sports.


1. Tickets are assigned to an individual person and are non-transferable.
2. The ticket must be kept and showed upon request, until the end of the event and until departure from the stadium.
3. Spectators shall occupy the seat allocated to them by their ticket and must not move to any other part of the stadium without the express permission or instruction of the on-duty Police personnel.
4. Spectators may be subjected to security checks and also by metal detectors by Police to ensure the safety of the public and the stadium. By purchasing a valid ticket to the stadium, spectators acknowledge the right of the on-duty security personnel to search any individual and other items in their possession, without exception.
5. The Stadium and the Bidhannagar Police reserves the right to expel any individual from the stadium who fails to comply with any of the outlined Stadium Rules and Regulations.
6. The holder (“Holder”) of the entry ticket (“Ticket”) is entitled to enter the stadium (“Stadium”) for the match (“Match”), the specifics of which are listed on the Ticket.
7. Acceptance of the “Terms and Conditions” by the Holder of the Ticket, these terms, any additional Stadium-specific rules and regulations that may be posted at the Stadium, and all current and future laws, rules, and regulations is required for entry into the Stadium. The Holder shall be deemed to have accepted all terms and conditions upon entry into the Stadium.
8. This ticket is valid only for one entry, and unless otherwise noted on the ticket, no re-entry is permitted. This ticket gives the holder access to the specific region of the stadium where the relevant seat is located, and nothing else.
9. This ticket must be kept by the Holder at all times while they are in the stadium and produced upon request from Football Sports Development Limited, the home club, and/or any of their representatives (collectively or individually referred to as the “Organiser”), as well as the representatives of the Organiser, which may include law enforcement officials and private security personnel (collectively referred to as the “Security Personnel”).
10. This ticket is only for the Holder’s personal use and is strictly nontransferable. It may not be put up for sale, auctioned, traded, ceded, sold, or transferred, either for profit or non-profit purposes (e.g., as a prize in a competition or lottery, or as part of an advertising or promotional campaign), with or without payment, unless the organiser grants written consent.
11. The Holder agrees that his or her voice, likeness, and/or consent may be recorded while they are at the Stadium. They also agree that the Organiser is free to use and sublicense any rights related to those recordings without paying the Holder any money.
12. The Organisers make no warranties regarding the quality, content, or duration of the Match, nor do they guarantee that the Holder will be able to observe the Match from the seat provided without interruption or hindrance. You will only receive a refund (minus any applicable administration fee) if the entire match is cancelled or postponed without any matches starting. There won’t be any more reimbursements. When requested by the All India Football Federation (“AIFF”), the Organiser, or any of their representatives, the ticket must be presented. Any reasonable directive given by an official at the Stadium must be followed by the Holder.
13. Any property left at the stadium is completely at the risk of the owner or the person leaving it; the organisers do not assume any responsibility for theft, loss, or damage to such goods.
14. The Organiser disclaims all liability for any death, injury, loss, or damage to the Holder’s property or person, even though reasonable precautions have been taken to assure their safety and comfort during the Match.
15. All individuals under the age of eighteen must be accompanied by and under the continual supervision of an adult who is also in possession of a match ticket. Children three years of age or older are required to have their own ticket. The parent or legal guardian of the minor is always the one with responsibility for them.
16. The Organiser retains the right, without payback or other recourse, to deny admission to anybody, to eject the Holder from the Stadium after they have entered, to prohibit the Holder from entering the Stadium again, to prohibit the Holder from attending any other sporting event the Organiser hosts, and to turn over the Holder to the relevant authorities. and/or, if it is determined that the person in question has violated the terms and conditions, to suggest the proper civil or criminal processes.
17. Fans are encouraged to get in touch with the club for help with ticket refunds in the case that events are cancelled or postponed. Email inquiries and refund requests should be sent to the club’s email address.
18. Infractions include entering the field without authorization, hurling items, using derogatory language, or acting in a racial manner won’t be accepted. Serious fines and disciplinary proceedings are appropriate in these situations, and they may even involve stadium bans for all club competitions and financial penalties.
19. Tickets without authorized stamp will be rejected.
20. Individuals who are deemed a security risk, such as those on a banned list, may not be allowed into the stadium.
21. If someone appears to be heavily intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, alcohol, banned substances etc, they might be denied entry for safety reasons.
22. If someone is wanted by law enforcement or has outstanding legal issues, they may be denied entry.
23. Individuals who refuse to comply with security checks, such as bag checks or metal detector screenings, may not be allowed inside.
24. In some cases, individuals who have been involved in previous incidents at the stadium or with the team may be banned from entering.


6. The following behaviour is strictly forbidden inside V.Y.B.K.:
(a) Smoking in any area of the stadium;
(b) Littering inside the stadium;
(c) Use of abusive or provoking language, chanting, harassment or the showing of offensive written banners of a racial, homophobic or religious nature, which may of end the sentiment of others;
(d) Loitering and deliberate obstructing gangways, access ways, exits and entrances, stairways and similar such places;
(e) Climbing of any structures within the stadium;
(f) Damage to, tampering or interfering with the property of V.Y.B.K. including any structure, infrastructure, equipment, furniture, fitting or fixture within the stadium; •
(g) Bringing in or possessing harmful substances, equipment, materials, goods, inflammable substances, dyes or drugs or any other articles which may likely be harmful for human safety or property;
(h) Bringing in or selling alcoholic drinks;
(i) Bringing in or possessing fireworks;
(j) Bringing in or possessing stones, knives, bottles, glass containers, noise emitters, laser devices or any other objects which could be thrown or could somehow compromise public safety;
(k) Displaying any material which blocks other spectators’ views, blocks the emergency signs or is in any way an obstacle to emergency exits and escape routes towards the pitch;
(l) Bringing in or selling drinks contained in cans, glass or plastic bottles. All beverages must be poured into a plastic or carton glass;
(m) Attempting to enter the stadium or be inside the stadium whilst drunk or under the influence of drugs;
(n) Except for women’s handbags, other items that can be carried include backpacks, computer bags, luggage, helmets, lighters, water balloons, musical instruments, and eggs. The following items are prohibited from entering the stadium: motorcycle helmets, bags, animals (aside from guide dogs), tobacco or tobacco products, metal containers, firecrackers, fireworks, weapons (including Swiss army knives and similar instruments) and any other item that might endanger or unduly annoy another person. There is no space designated for storing these things, and they will all be seized at security checkpoints and never given back.
(o) It is expressly forbidden to record and/or communicate match information, statistics, photographs, or any other type of data using any kind of technology, including but not limited to mobile phones, transistors, computers, cameras, or any other audiovisual recording equipment.
(p) No product or service may be sold or offered for sale by the Holder, nor may any free item(s) or political, religious, charitable, commercial, advertising, or promotional material(s) be distributed or given away from or at any location within the Stadium.
(q) Before, during, or after the game, it will not be acceptable to use foul, raucous, abusive, or discriminatory language (based on race, religion, or any other factor), act in an unruly or threatening manner, enter the playing field, or throw or project any object into the stands, onto the field of play, or anywhere else in the stadium.
(r) Please be aware that it is legally forbidden to smoke, drink alcohol, possess pyrotechnics, or hang large banners without permission on stadium property. Furthermore, security staff will inspect all banners carried inside the stadium to make sure they are proper and follow stadium rules.


It is an offence to:

  • Possess any kind of weapon
  • Display banners with logos of associations that encourage discrimination or violent racial conduct (ethnic, national or religious)
  • Encourage violence during any event
  • Possess, throw or otherwise use dangerous materials or pyrotechnics
  • Climb fences and enter the pitch


In case of violation of any of the rules/regulations, action may be taken in terms of relevant laws for the time being in force in addition to the expatriation from the stadium.

C.E.O., V.Y.B.K.